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$100 Million in Additional U.S. Military Assistance for Ukraine
May 19, 2022

For nearly 12 weeks, Russia has waged its unprovoked and brutal war against Ukraine, its sovereignty, its territorial integrity, and its people.  Beaten back from its failed attempt to seize Kyiv, Russia continues a grinding offensive across Ukraine’s south and east.  Ukraine’s courageous defense forces remain firmly in the fight.  The United States, as well as more than 40 Allies and partner countries, are working around the clock to expedite shipments of arms and equipment essential to Ukraine’s defense.

Pursuant to a delegation from the President, I am authorizing our tenth drawdown of additional arms and equipment for Ukraine’s defense from U.S. Department of Defense inventories, valued at up to $100 million.  This brings total U.S. military assistance to Ukraine to approximately $3.9 billion in arms and equipment since Russia launched its brutal and unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

U.S. and international military assistance continues to complement direct U.S. financial support to Ukraine, support for documenting evidence of Russia’s atrocities against the people of Ukraine, and measures to continue ratcheting up the pressure on Russia and its remaining enablers.  Taken together, these efforts strengthen Ukraine’s position at the negotiating table while continuing to isolate Russia from the world until it ends its senseless and brutal war of choice against Ukraine.   The United States is committed to helping Ukraine continue to meet its defense needs and build its future capabilities, as well as to bolster Allies and partners across NATO’s Eastern Flank and the broader region.

The United States, our allies, and our partners are proud to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their just cause:  the defense of their country and their democracy.  United with our Allies and partners, we will succeed, and a democratic, sovereign, and independent Ukraine shall prevail.