2015 National Security Strategy (February 6)

Below are excerpts of the National Security Strategy that specifically address the Caucasus region and Georgia.
To read the entire document, follow the link here:

Strengthen Our Enduring Alliance with Europe

“The United States maintains a profound commitment to a Europe that is free, whole, and at peace. A
strong Europe is our indispensable partner, including for tackling global security challenges, promoting
prosperity, and upholding international norms. Our work with Europe leverages our strong and historic
bilateral relationships throughout the continent. We will steadfastly support the aspirations of countries
in the Balkans and Eastern Europe toward European and Euro-Atlantic integration, continue to transform
our relationship with Turkey, and enhance ties with countries in the Caucasus while encouraging
resolution of regional conflict.”

“Russia’s aggression in Ukraine makes clear that European security and the international rules and norms
against territorial aggression cannot be taken for granted. In response, we have led an international
effort to support the Ukrainian people as they choose their own future and develop their democracy
and economy. We are reassuring our allies by backing our security commitments and increasing responsiveness
through training and exercises, as well as a dynamic presence in Central and Eastern Europe to
deter further Russian aggression. This will include working with Europe to improve its energy security
in both the short and long term. We will support partners such as Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine so
they can better work alongside the United States and NATO, as well as provide for their own defense.”