2017 National Security Strategy of the United States of America

2017 National Security Strategy of the United States of America 

President Donald Trump’s first annual U.S. National Security Strategy (NSS) was released on December 18. It is an Executive Branch report to Congress that outlines the President’s vision for the U.S. national security strategy, and will serve as the foundation for subsequent strategies such as DoD’s upcoming National Defense Strategy.  The 2017 NSS focuses on four vital national interests:  Protect the Homeland, the American people, and American way of life; Advance American Prosperity; Preserve Peace through Strength; and Enhance American Influence.

The NSS chapter “Strategy in a Regional Context” references Georgia:  “Although the menace of Soviet communism is gone, new threats test our will.  Russia is using subversive measures to weaken the credibility of America’s commitment to Europe, undermine transatlantic unity, and weaken European institutions and governments.  With its invasions of Georgia and Ukraine, Russia demonstrated its willingness to violate the sovereignty of states in the region.  Russia continues to intimidate its neighbors with threatening behavior, such as nuclear posturing and the forward deployment of offensive capabilities.”

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Secretary Tillerson’s Statement on President Trump’s National Security Strategy

The United States faces a 21st century global environment that presents unconventional threats from non-state actors, as well as challenges to our economic and national security from traditional state actors. Whether the threats are rogue nations seeking nuclear weapons, terrorists plotting to attack our homeland, or malicious cyber actors seeking to damage and destabilize our critical systems and infrastructure, we must remain vigilant against those who would do harm to our people and our way of life. President Trump’s new National Security Strategy brings to bear all elements of American power to protect our people, generate new economic opportunities, and advance our interests and democratic principles. The State Department will work closely with other federal agencies and our allies and partners around the world to implement this strategy.