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Ambassador Degnan at Breadfield Bakery Opening in Lotchini Gorge
June 29, 2021

As Georgia’s restaurant industry grows, it creates demand for more locally sourced food products and creates jobs producing, processing, delivering, and serving those products. The Breadfield commercial bakery in Lotchini Gorge is one such company benefiting from international investment and U.S. business partnerships. The company supplies buns to McDonalds’ restaurants in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

Due to high demand, the bakery will expand employment to 100, which will also ensure the iconic American restaurant chain can continue to expand and create more food service jobs all across the region. The U.S. Embassy, through its USAID/Georgia Agriculture Program, is co-funding with McDonalds international certifications for vegetable and culinary herb producers in Georgia to eventually become suppliers for McDonald’s restaurants. Through this partnership, Georgian farmers will supply both domestic and international markets.

Ambassador Degnan participated in the opening event, congratulating McDonald’s on its successful expansion in Georgia and expressing the Embassy’s continued support for U.S. investment in this country.