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Ambassador Degnan congratulates graduates of Rondeli Foundation’s National Security and Public Policy training
July 17, 2020

Today, Ambassador Kelly C. Degnan made opening remarks at the Rondeli Foundation’s graduation ceremony for its National Security and Public Policy training program. The Ambassador was honored to personally congratulate the graduates of the esteemed program.

Supported by the U.S. Embassy, the National Security and Public Policy program advances public policy decision-making capacity in Georgia. Through the program, mid-career Georgian government, civil society, and media representatives receive training in modern concepts of national security, international relations, economics, and public policy issues.

Embassy Tbilisi has actively partnered with the Rondeli Foundation since 2001, and we are pleased to see the success of this program and its graduates in promoting democracy, press freedom, and economic reforms in the country.

Ambassador Degnan’s remarks to the media at the Graduation ceremony of the Rondeli Foundation’s National Security and Public Policy Training Program

It is a very vigorous program and I must say, I am very pleased to be here today to congratulate the graduates of the Rondeli Foundation’s training program on National Security and Public Policy.  The program, as you may know, is designed to train mid-career Georgian Government, Civil Society and Media representatives using modern concepts of International Relations, National Security, Economics and Public Policy issues.  The United States views this as a particularly important way to build interagency cooperation, communication, and just to exchange views and ideas that are critical to strong policy foundation. So we are delighted to support this.  I think this program does enrich the contributions of the mid-career representatives and it is a very successful program. We are very excited for the graduates, Gilotsavt!