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Ambassador Degnan visited two polling sites in Marneuli
October 31, 2020

After meeting with hard-working officials at the Central Election Commission, Ambassador Degnan observed voting at two polling sites in Marneuli. “It is up to the Georgian people to decide who they want to govern their country. The United States does not have a favorite candidate, or a favorite party. We will work with any party that is legitimately elected by the Georgian people. We are focused on a fair process, not the outcome, Ambassador Degnan said. “A fair election means one person, one vote – no ballot box stuffing, voting multiple times, or other forms of cheating to win. In a fair election, there is no place for intimidation, vote buying, or forcing voters to photograph their ballots. Ultimately, the success of Georgia’s election is up to the Georgian people. It is vital that every Georgian make his or her voice heard by voting. So wear your masks, social distance, and get out there and vote!”