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Ambassador Degnan visits District Election Commission in Telavi
October 2, 2020

Ambassador Degnan met with the Chairs of the District Election Commission in Telavi to discuss their work to ensure free and fair Parliamentary elections in Kakheti, as part of the U.S. Embassy’s broader efforts to support democratic elections in Georgia.  She thanked Commission members for their commitment to assisting voters and ensuring a fair, transparent election process.  “It is so important that people feel safe voting, especially during the COVID pandemic.  Voters need to be able to trust that their local election officials will be non-partisan and will make sure their votes are counted without interference,” Ambassador Degnan said.  “I am impressed with the preparations of the Central and District Election Commissions and look forward to personally observing democracy at work in Georgia on October 31.”  Ambassador Degnan also emphasized that violence and voter intimidation are completely unacceptable and damage Georgia’s efforts to hold a free and fair election.