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Ambassador Degnan’s Comments at the Women in Law Enforcement Conference
November 19, 2021


Ambassador Degnan: I’m very pleased to be here for the graduation of the week-long Women in Law Enforcement conference here in Georgia. This conference brings together American and Georgian law enforcement professionals to improve capacities, build capabilities, and explore more leadership opportunities for women in law enforcement. Police officers here in Georgia are playing a vitally important role in peace, security, and safety on the streets of Georgia. They bring a special set of skills to law enforcement that no one else can provide, especially in investigations involving very sensitive situations. Women officers bring a particular set of skills that is very important to the investigation, but also into building an environment of confidence and trust in responding to crime here. I think we’ve seen in study after study that societies that allow women to participate fully in society, including in law enforcement and safety, are more productive, are more economically and politically successful, and are more stable. So it’s something that the United States in general, but certainly the United States Embassy here in Tbilisi, is very proud to support–this annual conference to help female police officers in Georgia reach their full potential in contributing to George’s safety and security. Thank you.