Ambassador Degnan’s Media Message at Georgian Defense Readiness Program Graduation

This graduation today is another great example of the strong partnership between the United States and Georgia. The Georgian Defense Readiness Program has trained nine Georgian battalions the past three years. United States Army Europe and the Ministry of Defense designed and executed this training program together at Georgia’s request to improve Georgia’s combat readiness, to increase interoperability with NATO forces, and to strengthen Georgia’s territorial defense capabilities. United States military presence here in Georgia and training programs like this are a demonstration of the Unites States’ strong and continuing commitment into Georgia’s territorial integrity. I would like to particularly thank the Ministry of Defense and the Georgian Government for the outstanding logistics support that they have provided for humanitarian flights from Afghanistan that have been transiting Georgia on their way to the final destinations. This is another example of Georgia stepping up with compassion and great capability to contribute to global security operations. The United States will continue to work with the Georgian Ministry of Defense to make the Georgian Defense Forces even stronger and more capable than they are now.