Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks at FBI Law Enforcement Crisis Management Training

FBI Law Enforcement Crisis Management Training. Photo: MOIA Georgia

I’m very pleased to be here today for the conclusion of three-day training practicing crisis management. This was an opportunity to bring together Georgian and the United States law enforcement agencies to practice coordination for responding to a crisis. We all know that crises like natural disasters, or violent criminal incidents, or pandemics can come up unexpectedly and create chaos and confusion. This type of training allows our agencies, our crisis response agencies, to practice their coordination and develop better responses. We’ve already exchanged some good best practices, some good lessons learned, and we hope that those will be translated into important reforms, including strengthening the standard operating procedures that Georgia’s agencies can use in the event of a crisis. The United States has a very long partnership with Georgian law enforcement, and we look forward to continuing that through additional training opportunities in the future. This is very important for our forces, and I hope very useful for Georgian law enforcement to be able to practice, train, and improve crisis management procedures. Madloba.