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Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks at Gazelle Finance and CAMEX Airlines Event
August 1, 2022

Question about the event

Ambassador Degnan:  I’m very excited to be here today for the launch of this beautiful Boeing 737 aircraft, which is the first of CAMEX Airlines’ new fleet of cargo planes. This is a project that is another great example of Georgian and U.S. economic collaboration. The American-led Gazelle Finance invested 2.5 million dollars in CAMEX airlines, which is part of how this airplane got here today; and we are delighted to be able to support these kinds of business deals that are going to be so helpful in Georgia’s role as an economic hub, bringing products—Georgian products—to Europe and beyond and serving as a gateway between Asia and Europe.  The Development Finance Corporation of the U.S. government invested $10 million in Gazelle Finance, which has gone on to help over 40 different companies here in Georgia get started.  So, we are very excited to be able to contribute, helping to increase trade, helping to increase good jobs for Georgians, and of course, helping Georgia with its goal of becoming a transit hub and gateway between Asia and Europe.