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Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks at MOIA Police Academy
July 7, 2022

Ambassador Degnan:  I am delighted to be here at the Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  I’ve just had a very impressive tour of the facility.  I am very proud of the partnership between the Police Academy and the U.S. Embassy—this is a 30-year partnership that has, every step of the way, supported the Police Academy’s development through building buildings, gyms, laboratories, mock court rooms, shooting ranges, and many different infrastructure facilities, but also through donations like simulators and training facilities, computer facilities, cyber labs.  So, we have built together, with the Police Academy and INL, as well as several other agencies: FBI, DEA, Diplomatic Security, DTRA, and EXBS, over time they provided a wide range of skills and capacity building for the Law Enforcement forces of Georgia.  This, I think is a sign of how committed the United States is to helping Georgia prove its ability to protect every citizen of Georgia, and the commitment of Georgia’s forces to the rule of law of the highest standards.  So, again, it has been a pleasure to be here today for the donation of the latest piece of equipment, which is the Firearm’s Training Simulator machine—very state-of-the-art simulator to help the police to improve their accuracy and their responsiveness, as well as their judgement on the shooting range.  Again, my pleasure to be here today.