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Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks at San Diego State University Commencement
June 8, 2021

Congratulations to the San Diego State University–Georgia graduates of the classes of 2020 and 2021, who received dual degrees accredited by the United States and Georgia! They will go on to work in critical STEM fields such as civil and construction engineering, computer and electrical engineering, chemistry, and computer science. In today’s skill-based economy, these graduates will play a vital role building the Georgian economy, developing well-paying jobs, and promoting a more successful and dynamic country overall.

The U.S. government is proud of our long-standing partnership with San Diego State University to support and promote STEM education in Georgia. SDSU Georgia has helped transform higher STEM education in the country and has helped upgrade the infrastructure and curricula of partner universities.

The United States, the Millennium Foundation, and SDSU remain committed to strengthening STEM education in Georgia. We look forward to many more years of successful collaboration as part of our effort to help Georgia become a more prosperous, more inclusive, and more democratic country, fully integrated within the Euro-Atlantic family of nations.

Ambassador Degnan Remarks to Media at San Diego State University in Georgia Commencement

Question on today’s event:

Ambassador Degnan: I’m very proud to be here today to celebrate with these graduates and their teachers and their families—their graduation from a very challenging year. This is a testament to the partnership between San Diego State University in Georgia, and the three Georgian universities that are partnering together to educate the next generation of Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematics and Technology professionals in Georgia. We have great hopes for the almost 200 students from the class of 2021 and the class of 2020. We know that they are going to carry on a tradition of excellence here in Georgia, and they are going to stimulate opportunities for other Georgian students to follow behind them in the STEM field. I’m particularly pleased that 37% of the graduates are young women who are specializing in science, technology, engineering and math—a very impressive figure, very encouraging figure for women in this important field. So, again the United States Embassy is very pleased to see San Diego State University in Georgia partner with these three Georgian institutions for the future of Georgia in the science, technology and engineering field. Thank you.