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Ambassador Degnan's Remarks at the GBA Event
June 23, 2023

Ambassador Degnan's Remarks at the GBA Event

Q-n about the Georgian President’s decision to release Nika Gvaramia

Ambassador Degnan: The United States welcomes President Zourabichvili’s decision to pardon Nika Gvaramia. This case has been problematic from the very beginning, and it has added to the deep polarization that we’ve seen in Georgia for many years.   The President’s decision is an important contribution to reducing polarization in Georgia. This case has divided society and has led to confusion. Really, it has only benefitted Russia. This is not the time for Georgians to be divided, this is the time for Georgians to come together.  

Follow up q-n if the Ambassador’s statements about Gvaramia can be seen as interference into Georgia’s judiciary. 

Ambassador Degnan: President Zourabichvili has the prerogative of pardoning. She made it very clear this was her decision. And, the United States and others, the European Union and others have been very clear from the beginning of our concerns about this. But expressing concerns is what friends do when they have concerns.  It does not mean that it’s interference. It’s simply expressing concerns. And I am confident that President Zourabichvili takes her pardoning authority very seriously.