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Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks at the Tsalenjhika Mayor’s Office
July 19, 2022

I’m very pleased to be here in Tsalenjhika today. It was a wonderful, warm welcome that we received when we arrived to meet with the mayor and the chair of the Sakrebulo. We had a very interesting discussion about the mayor and the chair of the Sakrebulo, his priorities, which are education, giving opportunities for young people, improving the skills of the teachers here, and creating an environment where the community together can work to improve the future opportunities, not just for the young people, by creating good opportunities for all the residents here in Tsalenjhika. So, very interesting conversation. I learned a lot and I’m so glad that I was able to come here and meet with the mayor and the Sakrebulo chair today, as well as the many citizens who came to welcome us. so warmly here in Samegrelo.