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Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks at Webster University Launch
October 21, 2022

We’re really excited to be here this evening for the opening of the Webster University campus here in Tbilisi, Georgia. This is a real milestone in the American partnership in education with Georgia, building another important bridge between the United States and Georgia.  Webster University offers Georgian students the opportunity to have an American education in management, international relations and media communications – three really important areas in today’s world.  This is just the latest example of the US government support for educational development here in Georgia.  This is something that we have partnered with Georgia on for the past 30 years, whether it’s through educational exchanges, English language classes, modernizing the basic education curricula, teacher training, even rebuilding schools.  So this is an area where we have a very deep partnership with Georgia and we are really delighted to see this Webster University campus opening as the latest step forward in our partnership.