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Ambassador Degnan’s remarks to media at American Chamber of Commerce event to benefit Ukraine
April 15, 2022

Question about the event

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: As we enter the 50th day, I believe, of this terrible aggression by Russia against the people of Ukraine, we’re all looking for ways we can support the courageous people who are fighting so bravely for Ukraine, for their homeland, and for their sovereignty. And tonight’s event is the American Chamber of Commerce’s effort to contribute to that, to what the Ukrainians are doing, to show our support as so many of us have, as the businesses that are members of the American Chamber of Commerce have tried to do in so many ways. So tonight’s event is another show of solidarity by the American Chamber of Commerce, by these businesses, Georgian and American, businesses supporting Ukraine, supporting Georgia, and supporting the United States.

Question about Georgian parliamentary delegation traveling to Ukraine

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: It’s a very important sign that the delegation from Georgia is a multi-party delegation. I think that reflects the strong feeling of the Georgian people, that they want to stand in solidarity with Ukraine against Russia’s aggression, for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. So it’s a very positive sign that the delegation is going, and that it’s a multiparty delegation. My understanding is that speaker Papuashvili really had a very positive call with the Rada speaker. Again, I think these misunderstandings sometimes happen because of media and because of not being able to speak directly. The best way to solve those is face-to-face and I’m very encouraged to see the brotherly support that has been strong between Georgia and Ukraine for so long is still there and still strong at this time of Ukraine’s need. The only one who benefits when Georgia and Ukraine are fighting is Russia and so to see this unity now is very encouraging. This is a moment when everyone needs to stand together and make it clear that use of force to invade another country, to bomb civilians, to destroy cities is not going to be tolerated.  It’s unacceptable. And I think this delegation makes that point very, very strongly. So I’m glad to see it happening.

Question about reported training in Bakuriani by Peter Ackerman

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: We don’t have any information on that. We weren’t involved in that, so I don’t have any information on that.