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Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks to Media at Joint Maritime Operations Center
January 29, 2022

Question about event

Ambassador Degnan: It is a real honor for me to visit the Joint Maritime Operations Center. I was here about a year and a half ago. I had an excellent briefing from the JMOC team here, and I really appreciate the opportunity to see how much the JMOC team has done in a year and a half. The Joint Maritime Operations Center is the inter-agency coordination of the Coast Guard, the Border Police, the military forces, and all the security agencies that are monitoring the Black Sea maritime domain to make sure that commercial and security traffic going through the Black Sea is monitored and legal. This is a very important contribution that the JMOC makes to not just Georgia’s border security, but to NATO as a whole JMOC shares the information with NATO partners, and that makes all of us safer as a result of the work that’s done here. The United States is very proud to partner with JMOC, both in helping establish the facility here, in training and equipment, and most importantly, through continued collaboration between the United States Coast Guard, the United States Department of Defense, the EXBS, which is our export control agency, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and many other agencies that are working here with our JMOC partners. So again, I appreciate receiving a briefing today from the professional leadership here at JMOC. It’s my pleasure to come and come and visit again. Thank you.