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Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks to Media at Milk Factory in Terjola Municipality
January 28, 2022

Question about the event
Ambassador Kelly Degnan:  I’m very pleased to be here today to visit Kakha Manjavidze’s milk processing facility. This is a business that is supported by the United States Department of Agriculture through the Food for Progress program. This is a great example of what introducing new technology and improving a food safety management system can do for both the farmer and for the consumer. It’s a huge benefit, and the United States is very, very proud to be working with partners like Kakha Manjavidze and his wife, Tamara, and their family to improve the health and the safety and the quality of food here in Georgia. So it’s our great pleasure and a real source of pride for us to work together with partners like Kakha Manjavidze. Thank you.