Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks to Media at Parliament

Question about the meeting

Ambassador Degnan:  I’m very happy to be back in Tbilisi. I just had a very useful meeting with Speaker Paupashvili. We discussed my consultations in Washington, as well as Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. In all my meetings in Washington, it was very clear that there remains broad bi-partisan support for Georgia’s Euro Atlantic path, and that will continue in the future.  We are obviously very concerned at this crisis that Russia has created. Thousands of people have been displaced, hundreds have been wounded. This is a war created and started and launched by Russia, and the brave response, the heroic response of the Ukrainian people is inspiring for all of us. I know here we see the entire international community stepping up.  Georgia has spoken out clearly against Russia’s violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, and has taken a clear stance in multilateral organizations, whether it’s the UN or the Council of Europe–those are greatly appreciated, as is the general generous response of the Georgian people, of business, of government in terms of providing humanitarian assistance and support to the Ukrainian people.  All of us will be asked to do more in the coming days. We’ve seen sanctions imposed by the international community. The United States has provided over a billion dollars in military assistance to Ukraine over the past year, including $350 million that was just recently released by Secretary Blinken a few days ago.  Our support to Ukraine is going to be steadfast and is going to continue, and I know that we remain united at this moment. Unity is the most important message that we can send to Russia: that the international community remains united in the face of this attack against European security and against the principles that have kept us all safe and prospering for the last 30 years.  So again, I’m very happy to be back in Georgia.  Thank you.