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December 7, 2022

Ambassador Degnan's remarks to Media at Sachkhere Public School #2

It is so great to be here at Sachkhere Public School, Number Two, where I have just had a wonderful presentation by these amazing students, who have been breaking down stereotypes and thinking about how to work better together.  This is a program implemented by the State Department’s Office of Global Women’s Issues, but Public School Number Two has also benefited from U.S. assistance through Peace Corps volunteers, and through assistance to actually help rebuild the school itself after a terrible earthquake in 1991. I am so proud to be here and so impressed to see these young Georgians, who are truly the future of this country. If this kind of collaboration and spirit of working together could be everywhere in Georgia, including Tbilisi, I have no doubt that Georgia would be well on its way to its European future. Again, my thanks to everyone in Sachkhere for a wonderful day today. It started at Akaki Tsereteli’s house, and I’m so moved at his contributions, his poetry, his literature, what he brought so many years ago to Georgia in terms of that love of freedom, that love of independence, and that willingness to protect what is so cherished to those of us who do care about our human rights and our freedoms.

This is Georgia’s DNA. This is Georgia’s destiny, and I’m so proud to be here in Sachkhere.