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December 5, 2022

Ambassador Degnan:  It is a huge privilege for me to be here today to see the conclusion of a week’s long training in jury trial skills. The United States Embassy is very proud to be able to support this training and we’re deeply grateful to the Georgian Bar Association, the Prosecutor Service, and of course, the judges who volunteered their time to conduct this trial. This training helped to develop jury trial skills to that are the most fundamental connection between the citizens and their judicial system.  This is something that’s not new to Georgia. In fact, Georgia’s 1921 Constitution included jury trials and Ilia Chavchavadze was a strong promoter of jury trials over 150 years ago. So, this is carrying on a tradition that is very much a part of Georgia’s culture and Georgia’s judicial system. What we are proud of today is to see a new generation of law students coming up and learning these jury trial skills to ensure that justice will be done for the citizens of Georgia.