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Ambassador Degnan’s remarks to media at the Screening of “Davita”
July 1, 2022

Question about the event

Ambassador Degnan:  I am here for the launch of a really cool media literacy project with Democracy Lab and the United States Embassy, for an animation series with the character, “Davita.”  It’s really going to be great, and it’s going to start in October, so I hope all you Davita fans will be watching.

Question about the incident at the 4th of July Celebration

Ambassador Degnan:  We’re looking into the reports.  We’re not aware that any formal legal process has started yet, but certainly, violence is unacceptable, particularly when there’s been a pattern of attacks against media representatives.  We’re also concerned about the reports of violence in the regions against political representatives regarding the right of freedom of assembly, freedom of expression.  We’re seeing violence being brought in to infringe, suppress, deny people their constitutional rights under Georgia’s constitution.  It’s very concerning.  It’s also disappointing.  We had a terrific event last night to celebrate America’s Independence Day, and it was a very positive event, bringing together Georgians, emphasizing how much Georgia can do when Georgians work together, unified for the European future of this country. So, we’re a little disappointed that these reports overshadowed what was otherwise a very positive and happy celebration of America’s Independence Day.