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Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks to Media at University of Georgia
March 5, 2021

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Question about the event

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: This is a great example of a long history of cooperation between the United States and Georgia on science and technology. I think the NASA involvement with the Nova Foundation and with this university and with Georgia goes back a long way, and to hear the Chakrulo song sung here, performed here and as it is on the Voyager Disk of Gold is really inspiring. We are delighted to see the continuation of our long history of cooperation on science and technology, and I know there is only more to come in that direction.

Question about the political dialogue and if the next round of meeting is planned, how do you assess the situation as some people see that there is no compromise on behalf of the government.

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: What I have seen is a will to find a solution, these are very complex problems, people have very deep differences but I have seen from all the parties a will to find a solution and to continue to talk in good faith with each other about what their demands are, what they need in an agreement that everyone can be comfortable with. I think it was useful for president Michel to come, it shows how concerned and how interested Georgia’s friends are around the world. We have seen similar expressions from congressional representatives, from other friends of Georgia. The time is needed for the parties to come to an agreement but I believe there is the political will for them to do so. Thank you.