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December 21, 2022

Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks to Media at Wounded Warrior Gala

It’s a great honor to be here tonight to celebrate some of Georgia’s most courageous citizens, its wounded warriors. It’s wonderful to be here with so many people and organizations who support the Wounded Warriors, which shows what a countrywide effort this is and, how seriously Georgians take honoring those who are defending Georgia’s sovereignty and its security.  Georgian and American soldiers have fought side by side to protect and defend freedom for all of us.  We greatly honor the sacrifices of those who have died, and we do everything we can to help those who have been injured in the service of their country, and their families as well. The Georgian facility at Tserovani is in many ways a safe haven, an amazing support facility for those who have been injured. We are very proud to support the Wounded Warrior Foundation and all of those here tonight who are helping that facility and helping Georgia’s wounded warriors rebuild their lives and reenter society.