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Ambassador Degnan’s remarks to the press after meeting with Minister of Health on (April 10)
April 10, 2020

Thank you very much.  We had a very useful conversation.  Of course, we at the United States Embassy are following the situation here in Georgia very very closely.  The Minister and I had a chance to discuss not only the areas where we have been coordinating closely and collaborating closely in terms of the United State providing assistance to Georgia, but we discussed additional areas where we might be able to help.  Georgia has been doing such an impressive job of flattening the curve, that all important effort to try to manage the spread of the virus and contain it, to avoid peaks that can be overwhelming to the public health system.  And the government has done a really excellent job not only of managing the cases but also informing the public and raising the public’s awareness about how to stay healthy, how to keep their families safe.  So again, we at the U.S. Embassy are closely following the guidance from the Georgian government, in terms of staying at home, working from home, washing our hands regularly, and trying to do social distancing.  And I think that that effort, on the part of the Georgian government and the Georgian people, is what has kept Georgia’s numbers so low and I just commend the government and the Minister of Health and all the ministries, as well as the Prime Minister and the President, for the excellent work they are doing in the face of a real emergency.  Thank you.