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Ambassador Dunnigan's Remarks to Media at MFA
October 12, 2023

Ambassador Dunnigan's Remarks to Media at MFA

Ambassador Dunnigan meets the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ilia Darchiashvili. Photo: MFA Georgia

Question about the event

Ambassador Robin Dunnigan: I am so thrilled and deeply honored to represent President Biden as the United States Ambassador to Georgia.  I very much appreciated meeting with the Foreign Minister just now to present copies of my credentials from President Biden.  I very much look forward to working with the people of Georgia and the government of Georgia to further enhance our long friendship and further strengthen our strategic partnership.  I know that the government and people of Georgia want to further integrate with the EU, with NATO, with the West and the President, Secretary Blinken, and I also support that path.  And, I will work very closely with Georgia to help you achieve that.  I also look forward to deepening our economic ties and our people-to-people ties, which are so important.

I also want to thank Georgia for its strong support for Israel.  I want to reiterate the President – my President – and Secretary Blinker’s condolences to the people of Israel. The United States and Georgia stand together on this, and we are deeply appreciative.  But I’m thrilled to be here in Georgia and thank you for the warm welcome.