Ambassador Kelly Attends International Holocaust Remembrance Day Event (January 27)

On January 27, Ambassador Kelly delivered remarks at an event organized by the Public Defender and International Foundation “Lea” dedicated to International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Ambassador Kelly reaffirmed the responsibilities that we have to ourselves and to future generations “Never to forget” and “Never again.”

Ambassador Ian Kelly’s comments made to the media at the event

Ambassador Kelly:  “It’s a very important day.  It’s a day when we remember the millions of victims of Nazi brutality and, I think, the lesson that we all draw from these days, we need to stay really ever vigilant against any kind of hatred, hostility, brutality against any kind of member of minority group, of groups that are not respected and it’s yet another example of how we need to stay united and support tolerance and dignity for all human beings.”

Question from reporter:  the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs made a statement about Pankisi Gorge as a terrorism training hub.  What do you think in this regard, and how realistic is it for Georgia  to reinstate diplomatic relations with Russia under such circumstances?  

Ambassador Kelly:  “First of all , the United States and Georgia stand together in the fight against extremism and terrorism.  We, of course, made note of the remarks yesterday from Moscow, but I will also note that Prime Minister Kvirikashvili said in unequivocal terms that they have the situation under control and we support Georgia in this regard.  Regarding the remarks about renewing contacts between Georgia and Russia, this, of course, is a matter for Georgia to decide.   I would just note that we would encourage a very pragmatic approach and we support the channels that are already in place, encourage information sharing and dialogue with Russia including the Geneva international discussions, including the channel between Mr. Abashidze and Mr. Karasin and we, of course, stand as always with Georgia.