Ambassador Kelly Degnan’s Remark to Media at the Hospital in Akhaltsikhe

Q-n: Could you please tell us the purpose of your visit to the hospital?

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: We are very pleased to be able to provide 500 000 doses of Pfizer to Georgia, and today, I am here in Akhaltsikhe to see, with the Minister of Health, how the vaccine is being distributed in the regions. It is a very well-run operation here, very well-organized, and [it is] wonderful to see so many Georgians here coming to be vaccinated. These Pfizer doses are a gift from the American people, and we are really pleased to be able to provide this to Georgians because it is the best way to protect Georgians, to protect their families, to protect their loved ones with this safe and effective vaccine. So, I hope that more Georgians will come out and get vaccinated. Please, get vaccinated.

Q-n: You observed the process of vaccination, so what would be your comment?

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: It was very well-organized. I saw that they have the whole process set up so that people can feel comfortable and relaxed and, also, rest for a period of time after, but it is very well organized, and again, I am delighted to see so many people here getting vaccinated.

Q-n: What would you tell the people who are anti-vaxxers and are trying to stop the people from getting vaccinated?

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: I think we have seen that in other places. The most convincing response is that the places where the increase in cases is the highest is where there are unvaccinated people. So, again, the science shows, the statistics show, the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to get vaccinated as soon as possible. So, please, get vaccinated.

Q-n: Is there any plan to donate more vaccines to Georgia?

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: Well, first let’s use the 500 000 doses [we have] sent you, and then we will see. I think you will have plenty, your government has done a very good job, ordering or…, so I think you will have enough for your population.

Q-n: What would you change or add to our clinic?

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: It looked very good to me. I think it is very well-run. You have experts who have set it up, you have experts who are running it, you have the public health experts here, so it looked to me like it is quite well-organized.