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Ambassador Kelly Degnan’s remark about the 4th of July
July 2, 2021

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: I am very proud to be able to celebrate America’s 245th Independence Day with some of our Georgian friends and colleagues. Unfortunately, we were not able to do the usual big party at the Embassy because of COVID, but I hope we will be able to do that next year. July 4th is the day Americans celebrate the signing of our Declaration of Independence. It is a day when we honor the freedoms that so many of us have fought and died to protect and to defend. It is also a day when Americans reflect on some of the privileges that we sometimes take too much for granted: our independence, our freedoms, our way of life, our values. And this is a moment when we can think about our founding principles of equality and liberty, individual rights and the rule of law. These are values that Americans and Georgians share and that is why it is such a privilege for me to be able to celebrate America’s birthday here today with our Georgian friends and to emphasize the importance of the Georgian-American friendship. Thank you [in Georgian], thank you!