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Ambassador Kelly Degnan’s Remarks to Media at CEC
October 31, 2020

Ambassador Kelly Degnan’s Remarks to Media at CEC. Photo: State Dept
Q-n about the visit to CEC on Election day
Ambassador Kelly DegnanGilotsavt, [speaking Georgian] these elections are very important for Georgia, a calm atmosphere, and a free election for people is most important [end of Georgian]. I am here at the Central Election Commission because this group has organized this election today, they are responsible for the administration of the election, extremely important work. I hope that the people in Georgia will respect the good work that the Central Election Commission has done to ensure that they can come out and vote safely today, vote calmly today.
There have been extensive preparations for precautions against COVID, to make it safe for you to come and vote.  And we are traveling around the country, we have over 75 U.S. Embassy personnel around the country, looking to observe polling sites. There is no room for violence and intimidation and we will be looking for that sort of thing as observers.
Again, I would encourage everyone – wear your masks, social distance, please come out and vote, [speaking Georgian] please go to the elections [end of Georgian]. Thank you!