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Ambassador Kelly Degnan’s Remarks to Media at SIlknet-SAS Partnership Program Signing Ceremony
June 1, 2021

Q-n about the event

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: I’m very pleased to be here today to join in celebrating the new partnership agreement between Silknet and SAS, a leading Georgian company and one of the most important American companies in digital analytics. This partnership agreement brings together Georgia and the United states to work in an innovative new sector: the digital sector. This is, as you heard, is an opportunity that we hope will lead to follow on initiatives in this sector–data analytics and varied uses of the information that data analytics allows companies. It’s so important that it can improve the efficiency of utilities; it can help agricultural industries improve their productivity; it can improve companies’ efficiencies and abilities to work together; it can make life easier for consumers. There are so many applications of this, and I think we have seen many of them during the past year with Covid.  So, we are really thrilled to see an American company and Georgian company working together in the sector that is not the future, it is of the now. The United States embassy is always very happy to support American companies who are looking for opportunities in Georgia and we hope to see more important events, like the signing of the partnership agreement today. Thank you.