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Ambassador Kelly Degnan’s Remarks to Media per Meeting with MOH Tikaradze
February 11, 2020

Two women shaking hands
Ambassador Kelly Degnan meets Minister of Health Ekaterine Tikaradze. Photo: State Dept.

Q-n about the meeting

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: We had a very valuable meeting with the Minister today, covering a range of issues. We have so much cooperation in the health sector, the labor sector, social issues in general. We discussed a little bit the coronavirus and Georgia’s impressive response to it. I’m relieved to hear that Georgia has no cases yet and it has a very good system in place for responding and making sure that citizens are protected and well informed, which is of course at the heart of any outbreak of this nature. We also discussed healthcare reform and some of the important initiatives that the ministry is undertaking. Some of which are similar to what we’ve been working on in the United States, aimed at improving the level and quality of care for Georgian citizens throughout Georgia. And we also talked about the labor sector and labor reforms that Georgia is undertaking, many of them, again, designed to reach that very difficult balance between supporting employees, their safety and their conditions at work against the needs of businesses to continue to operate and prosper in Georgia. So, it was a wide-ranging discussion and I look forward to my next meeting with the Minister. Thank you.