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Ambassador Kelly Degnan’s Remarks to Media upon Meeting Governor Zurab Nasaraia
September 10, 2020

Q-n about the meeting

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: I have had a wonderful visit to Guria, from start to finish. Very interesting to learn about some of the efforts here to generate development in the tourism area, to improve vocational training for the wide variety of services that will be needed to support greater tourism, to increase agricultural development, and to bring the internet to more communities. The governor and the mayor explained their master plan for trying to develop this region, to generate jobs, and to make it more interesting for Gurians to stay in Guria, make it possible for them to stay here and work. I think there is a recognition that more decentralization and an effort to include civil society more in the decision making process are going to be very important and valuable for Guria, and I hope that the municipal and the regional governments continue to reach out to their citizens and include them in the development of this province.