Ambassador Kelly Joins Georgian Officials in Marking World Tuberculosis Day (March 24)

On March 24, Ambassador Kelly joined Georgia’s Deputy Speaker of Parliament Manana Kobakhidze and Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs David Sergeenko at a conference in Tbilisi marking World Tuberculosis Day.  World Tuberculosis Day raises awareness about tuberculosis, a serious global health threat that is responsible for approximately 2 million deaths worldwide per year. The US government is a leader in the global fight against tuberculosis and has funded tuberculosis prevention activities in Georgia since 2003.  Initiated in 2011, USAID’s Tuberculosis Prevention Program (TPP) is a $4.6 million, four year-long national project that aims to reduce the overall number of tuberculosis cases, particularly multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.  The project has increased the capacity of Georgia’s National Tuberculosis Program to provide a higher quality of services, introduce new tuberculosis treatment schemes, and intensify early case detection.  The project also has strengthened the capacity of civil society organizations to detect active tuberculosis cases and provide long-term support.