Ambassador Kelly and USAID Mission Director Ball visit Sakpatenti (January 26)

IMG_6609On January 26 Ambassador Ian Kelly and USAID Mission Director Dougas Ball visited the headquarters of Sakpatenti to meet with Chairman Nikoloz Gogilidze and discuss Sakpatenti’s initiatives to strength intellectual property rights (IPR) in Georgia.  The U.S. and Georgian governments have partnered to reinforce IPR for years, through the U.S. Commerce Department’s Commercial Law and Diplomacy Program and USAID’s support of trainings and development of an online copyright and trademark registration system.

Ambassador Kelly’s Q&A with media prior to meeting with Chairman Gogilidze

Question on the Ambassador’s meeting with Nikoloz Gogilidze, Chairman of the Georgian National Intellectual Property Center (Sakpatenti) and issues to be discussed  

Ambassador Kelly: First and foremost we are going to thank Sakpatenti for all the good work they’ve done in getting out public information about the importance of protecting intellectual property rights.  I think this is an important component of Georgia becoming a modern economy and part of the global economy because economies now, of course, are moving more and more towards knowledge-based activities and of course , intellectual property rights are important to protect in that regard.

Question on how the lifting of Iran sanctions will affect Georgia’s relations with Iran in terms of economy and the U.S. position on this

Ambassador Kelly: I think it’s important to note that we have not lifted all of the sanctions.  We’ve lifted the sanctions that were imposed in response to Iran’s nuclear program , but the United States still has some sanctions imposed on Iran because of our concerns about support for terrorism, because of human rights violations.  We have been in close touch with the Georgian Government about the impact of the lifting of what we call the second party sanctions regarding the nuclear program and we are very appreciative that the Georgian Government has been consulting with us very closely in this regard.