Ambassador Kelly’s comments to the Media at Georgian Defense and Security Conference in Tbilisi (October 26)

Ambassador Kelly:  As you know, the United States is a very strong supporter of Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration.  And I think we’ve just had a very good discussion about some of the challenges that Georgia faces in this neighborhood.  And I look forward to continuing this conversation. There’s another conference tomorrow at the NATO Center. So, it’s a very much NATO week I think in Georgia.

Question from Rustavi 2:  Can you stress again the importance of media freedom?  Today is another hearing of Rustavi 2.

Ambassador Kelly:  Obviously we are following the court case very closely. And as it was repeated here many times – media pluralism, the ability of all political parties and all participants in the political process to have access to the media, to be able to express their opinions is absolutely essential to the development of a democracy.  And this is why we are looking at this whole process with such concern.