Ambassador Kelly’s comments to the media regarding the Rustavi 2 court case made at the graduation ceremony of the South Caucasus Field Epidemiology a

On May 31, U.S.IMG_4607 Ambassador Kelly participated in the graduation ceremony of the latest class of public health experts from Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan who completed a two-year training program that helps public health agencies in their countries better detect and respond to animal and human disease outbreaks.  Since 2009, 115 public health experts from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, have completed the training.  The U.S. government spends approximately $4 million annually to provide the training which the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Georgia hosts.

IMG_4587Question on the court case of the Rustavi 2 TV station now under appeal  

Ambassador Kelly:
  Really, it would not be appropriate for me to talk about the process, to talk about the specifics of a case, which is under appeal.  I have commented quite often about this case, you know.  Really, I just want to reinforce one thing:  and that’s that any change of editorial management or editorial policy of Rustavi 2 in a pre-electoral season would be very damaging to Georgia’s image and to Georgia’s democratic aspirations.