Ambassador Kelly’s Comments to the Media on US-Georgia Relations and Terror Attacks in Paris at Wendy’s Restaurant Opening (November 15)

Question: This is the largest Wendy’s [restaurant], what does it mean for U.S. -Georgia relations?

Ambassador Kelly:  Our main priority here in Georgia, of course, is to help Georgia become integrated with Europe, and integrated with the Euro-Atlantic community.  And a big part of that course is growing business, growing our trade relationship, and this [the opening of the Wendy’s restaurant] is an example of the fantastic partnership between the United States and Georgia.

Question:  What can you say about the terrorist attacks in Paris?  Your personal view?

Ambassador Kelly: When I woke up yesterday morning and looked at my phone, and I just saw that there were dozens and dozens of messages, I had the same sort of feelings, in many ways, that I had in September 2001, with the kind of massacre of innocent people.

Question: What can be done?

Ambassador Kelly:  Whatever is done is going to be done in solidarity with the French people.  France is our oldest ally.  I think what happened in Paris yesterday or the day before was not just an attack against Paris.  It was an attack against all the values that we have here, in the West.  So the same kind of values that we share with Georgia were attacked in Paris.