Ambassador Kelly’s Remarks to Media at Kartveli Room Opening (March 1)

Ambassador Kelly’s Remarks to Media at Kartveli Room Opening (March 1)

Q-n about the event

Ambassador Kelly: It is a great pleasure and honor for me to participate in the opening of the Kartveli Room here at the library. Aleksandre Kartveli is really a symbol of the great partnership between the United States and Georgia, and a representative of all of the contributions of Georgians to both of our cultures and societies. And, I think he also is a great role model for Georgians because he was a great engineer, took a lot of risks, and he played a tremendous role in development of the U.S. Air Force, in particular. So, it is, as I say, a great honor to participate in this.

Q-n about meeting of Iberia TV representatives with U.S. Embassy representatives

Ambassador Kelly: We are very interested in the development of media here. We have a very open embassy, we are always interested to talk to Georgians, particularly, Georgians involved in the media, and we, I think, have a better understanding of the situation after having talked to the representatives. And, I think all I’ll say is that we continue to support pluralism in media here.  It is very important that Georgians have access to many different points of view, and we will continue to support pluralism in the media here.

Q-n about Tatunashvili’s case, and the meeting at Ergnety

Ambassador Kelly: I have not heard of the outcome of the meeting in Ergnety. You know that we have made a statement. I will just say that, first of all, this is a terrible tragedy for the family and the friends of Mr. Tatunashvili.  Our hearts go out to them,in particular, but beyond that, this is an appalling situation.  Georgian citizens need to know what happened to their citizen and, beyond that, there needs to be accountability. I mean, this is not the first incident like this, and we will shout it from the rooftops. People need to be held accountable for this kind of terrible, terrible incident. There is a certain responsibility that comes from being an occupying force and I don’t see much responsibility being taken on here. So, I hope that the family gets his remains back as soon as possible.  We are absolutely appalled by this.