Ambassador Kelly’s Remarks National Center for Disease Control (July 27)

Ambassador Kelly’s Remarks National Center for Disease Control (July 27)


AMB: I was very, very happy to be invited to this very significant event marking World Hepatitis Day, and this, I think, of all the programs that the U.S. government supports, I think this is the one that has, arguably, the greatest impact on lives. We’re hoping, together with the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the National Center for Disease Control, to save the lives of tens of thousands of people. Georgia is once again showing its leadership in being the first country to virtually eliminate this disease, and today, of course, they are sharing their experiences with other countries.

Question: The fact that ex-President of Georgia Saakashvili was stripped of citizenship. Just, was it correct, what is your legal point of view, just your opinion … and the second question is about if you have information that Mr. Saakashvili is in the U.S. now, if you have contacts with the Georgian Embassy …

Ambassador Kelly: No, no. Well, I think, first of all, about this case of the stripping of the citizenship of Mr. Saakashvili, former President of Georgia, of course it’s an ongoing legal case, so I’m not going to comment about any specifics of the case. I think all I would say is, from the U.S. perspective, I think, we would look at this in terms of our international obligations, in terms of international law regarding citizenship, and I think we would also look at it, I think, in terms of the legal framework of our country. And there would be of course the opportunity for persons to have an appropriate judicial review. So I would say that this is the way we would handle it; Ukraine has to make its own decisions.

Question: In the interview with CNN, Mr. Saakashvili said that he is not seeking for any support from anyone, and the question is, whether he should rely on the support from President Trump?

Ambassador Kelly: I think that anybody facing a situation such as this should be able to count on getting judicial review of his case, and should rely on competent attorneys. This is a legal case, and so I would hope that this would be handled within the general idea of the rule of law. Thank you.