Ambassador Norland at the event of the State Agency for Religious Issues (February 23)


On February 23, Ambassador Norland made opening remarks at the presentation of the 2014 performance report released by the Government of Georgia’s State Agency for Religious Issues.  “In the United States we do not have a state religious agency, but we are facing the same set of challenges that Georgia and many other countries are facing — which is how to promote religious freedom, to promote tolerance.  President Obama hosted an event last week on the theme of countering violent extremism.  Georgia’s very fortunate, [as] it has a centuries-old tradition of tolerance and diversity.  I think we are now seeing that religious leaders and the government are going to draw on that tradition of tolerance and diversity to try to find ways to  promote religious dialogue, to give young people faith that their religious leaders will help them move forward, and that the government will help them  to move forward through education and jobs, so that everyone can find their place in this wonderful society,” the Ambassador told the media at the end of the presentation.