Ambassador Norland’s answer to media’s question about Tbilisi’s recent flooding and possible US support for recovery efforts in Geor

First of all, we want to continue to reiterate our condolences for the way in which this tragedy is being compounded by further victims, and our heart goes out to all of those involved: to the director of the zoo, to his staff, and to all concerned.

The United States has already indicated that we are prepared to provide experts from the U.S. Forest Service who can help analyze the risk of further landslides and further flooding in order to manage a situation still at risk—I mean, apparently there is a risk of additional rainfall that could lead to further problems.  We want to help the Georgian authorities to understand what those risks are and how to manage them, and then when we get a specific list of requirements from the Georgian side—in terms  of what financing is required, what additional projects are required—we will look at those and try to put our resources at their disposal.