Ambassador Norland’s remarks at memorial ‎event for 70th anniversary of VE Day (May 9)


“Ambassador: Good morning, it’s an honor for our Military Attaché Colonel Dimmick and me, as Ambassador, to represent the United States Embassy at this solemn event. You know, 70 years ago the worst war that Europe had ever known came to an end. Millions perished and tens of thousands of brave men and women in uniform sacrificed  their lives in order to fight tyranny. Out of the ashes of that  war new structures and systems were put in place to ens9mayure European security, but those structures and systems are being challenged today. We must all use this occasion to re-dedicate ourselves to strengthening those systems. You know, we like many Georgians who fought and died in that war, we all have relatives, like my father and my wife’s father, who fought in WWII and many of them, although they came back safely, lost their friends. But their courage serves as an example to us as we recommit ourselves to this task of making sure that Europe, once and for all, is whole, free and at peace. Thank you.”