Associate Deputy Undersecretary of Labor Mark Mittelhauser leads delegation in Tbilisi (March 2)


U.S. Associate Deputy Undersecretary of Labor Mark Mittelhauser is leading a visiting delegation from the U.S. Department of Labor to Tbilisi March 2-5 for meetings on Georgia’s labor environment and the Georgian government’s efforts to strengthen protections for workers’ rights.  He plans to meet with Georgian government officials, as well as representatives from organized labor and industry.  Following the passage of Georgia’s amended labor code in 2013, the U.S. Department of Labor sponsored two grants, $2 million and $750,000 respectively, to assist in the reestablishment of Georgia’s labor inspectorate and to continue to advance worker’s rights in Georgia.  As a fundamental human right, the U.S. remains committed to labor and the belief that all workers are entitled to a safe work environment and the freedom to assemble and organize.  Ensuring products made in Georgia meet international labor standards adds value to these goods and a functioning, effective, and transparent labor inspectorate is an example of Georgia’s commitment to the protection of human rights and a positive incentive to attract foreign direct investment.