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Book Translation Program (PDS)

Book Translation Program 2023 (PDS)


Notice of Funding Opportunity

Funding Opportunity Title:             Book Translation Program
Funding Opportunity Number:       DOS-GEO-23-005-02032023

Deadline for Applications:          03/29/2023; 18:00 and 05/29/2023; 18:00

Assistance Listing Number:            19.900 — AEECA/ESF PD Programs
Total Amount Available:              $100,000


The Public Diplomacy Section (PDS) of the U.S. Embassy Tbilisi is pleased to announce the 2023 Book Translation Program. Through funding translation of key works into Georgian PDS aims to increase the accessibility and affordability of the latest research, analysis, and popular contemporary literature by American authors to the Georgian students, researchers and the general public.

Program Objectives:

PDS is soliciting proposals to award grants to the publishing houses and public and private educational institutions to translate books by American authors under the following themes:

  • Public Policy/Civic education: general public policy, also public policy on issues related to the environment, cybersecurity and cyber education, agriculture, health, and education management.
  • Media: media ethics, media management, mass communication, strategic communication, cybersecurity and cyber education and related topics.
  • Economics: entrepreneurship, business administration, management, economics, and related topics.
  • Rule of Law: international law, intellectual property rights, jury trials, and related topics
  • Basic Education: educational management and administration, curriculum planning and development, educational technology, special education and education related topics.
  • Literature: classic literature, contemporary literature, children’s books.


Length of performance period: Maximum project period is 2 years.

Number of awards anticipated: 15 awards (dependent on amounts requested in approved proposals).

Award amounts: U.S. Embassy Tbilisi grant will cover only 50% of the total project budged.

Total available funding: $100,000

Type of Funding: Economic Support Funds under the Foreign Assistance Act.

Funding Instrument Type:  Grant, Fixed Amount Award

This notice is subject to availability of funding.


  1. Eligible Applicants

The following organizations are eligible to apply:

  • Publishing houses;
  • Public and private educational institutions.
  1. Cost Sharing or Matching

The program requires 50% cost-share. Cost-share might come from the applicant organization or other sources. In case of co-funding from other organization, an approval letter from the relevant organization is required (indicating amount and category of expenses).

  1. Other Requirements

Minimum print-run required is 1,000 (smaller print-run considered per terms of the individual project).

Textbooks and academic literature should be the latest editions.

The grant recipient is responsible for requesting permission from the copyright holder. Applicant should start negotiation with the copyright holder before submission of proposal and present copy of communication or draft of the contract with other requested documents. After selection as a finalist, the applicant is required to present a copy of the copyright agreement signed by both parties.

Each applicant can submit up to five (5) proposals per call. Organization can submit projects on both deadlines, but same proposals cannot be re-submitted on the second call of the same year. 

Eligible works should be previously unpublished in Georgian.

Publications should be translated from the original language.

In joint projects letters of support from project partners describing the roles and responsibilities of each partner are required.

Post-publication book promoting activities are required, e.g. book launching event and presentation, book readings and discussions, social media campaigns, contests, etc. Cooperating on the activities with American Spaces in regions is highly recommended.


Please follow all instructions below carefully. Proposals that do not meet the requirements of this announcement or fail to comply with the stated requirements will be ineligible.

Content of Application

Please ensure:

  • The proposal clearly addresses the goals and objectives of this funding opportunity
  • All documents are in English
  • All budgets are in U.S. dollars
  • All pages are numbered
  • All documents are formatted to 8 ½ x 11 paper, and
  • All Microsoft Word documents are single-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, with a minimum of 1-inch margins.

The following documents are required:

Mandatory application forms

  • SF-424 (Application for Federal Assistance –organizations)
  • SF424A(Budget Information for Non-Construction programs)
  • SF424B(Assurances for Non-Construction programs)
  • Completed application form
  • Unique entity identifier from Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS number) and NCAGE/CAGE code
  • The translator’s CV/Resume (indicating experience in the translation field, list of translations)
  • A copy of the communication or contract with the copyright holder.
  • Co-funding letter (if applicable)
  • Partnership letter (if applicable)

Instructions (both in English and Georgian) for mandatory forms are available to download from the website with other documents.

Submission Dates and Times

            03/29/2023; 18:00 and 05/29/2023; 18:00

Other Submission Requirements

All application materials must be submitted by email to at TbilisiGrants@state.gov

Please include the program name (Book Translation Program) in the subject line.  Please, be advised that emails exceeding 6MB and RAR/ZIP files will not be accepted. Documents should be only in Word and PDF format. Applications have to be submitted within the indicated deadline.  Late applications will not be considered.

SF424 forms do not open in any internet browsers (chrome, internet explorer…). Please make sure to download the forms on your device, open via Adobe and click ‘enable all features’.


Review and Selection Process

A Grants Review Committee will evaluate all eligible applications.  Applicants can expect to be notified of the status of their application within 60 days of the submission deadline. Ineligible and unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing. Finalists will be reached and consulted on further proceedings.


Federal Award Notices

The grant award or cooperative agreement will be written, signed, awarded, and administered by the Grants Officer. The assistance award agreement is the authorizing document and it will be provided to the recipient for review and signature by email. The recipient may only start incurring program expenses beginning on the start date shown on the grant award document signed by the Grants Officer.

If a proposal is selected for funding, the Department of State has no obligation to provide any additional future funding. Renewal of an award to increase funding or extend the period of performance is at the discretion of the Department of State.

Issuance of this NOFO does not constitute an award commitment on the part of the U.S. government, nor does it commit the U.S. government to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of proposals. Further, the U.S. government reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received.

Payment Method: All payments will be made through Electronic Funds Transfer.

Administrative and National Policy Requirements

Terms and Conditions: Before submitting an application, applicants should review all the terms and conditions and required certifications which will apply to this award, to ensure that they will be able to comply.  These include:

2 CFR 200, 2 CFR 600, and the Department of State Standard Terms and Conditions which are available at:  https://www.state.gov/about-us-office-of-the-procurement-executive/.

Note the U.S Flag branding and marking requirements in the Standard Terms and Conditions.


Reporting Requirements: Recipients will be required to submit financial reports and program reports.  The award document will specify how often these reports must be submitted.

Applicants should be aware of the post award reporting requirements reflected in 2 CFR 200 Appendix XII—Award Term and Condition for Recipient Integrity and Performance Matters.


If you have any questions about the grant application process, please contact: TbilisiGrants@state.gov


Unique Entity Identifier and System for Award Management (SAM.gov) (NOTE: This section is required and not optional)

System for Award Management (SAM) – SAM is a U.S.-government wide registry of vendors doing business with the U.S. federal government and requires annual renewal. The system centralizes information about grant applicants/recipients and provides a central location for grant applicants/recipients to change organizational information. Applicants must maintain an active account, with current information, while its application is under consideration for funding. To keep an active SAM.gov account, applicants must renew it at least once each year. If an account expires, the organization cannot submit a grant application until it is renewed.

Required Registrations:

Any applicant listed on the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) in the System for Award Management (SAM) is not eligible to apply for an assistance award in accordance with the OMB guidelines at 2 CFR 180 that implement Executive Orders 12549 (3 CFR, 1986 Comp., p. 189) and 12689 (3 CFR, 1989 Comp., p. 235), “Debarment and Suspension.” Additionally, no entity listed on the EPLS can participate in any activities under an award.  All applicants are strongly encouraged to review the EPLS in SAM to ensure that no ineligible entity is included.

All organizations awarded the grant must me registered on SAM.gov portal.

Please note that process of registration on the SAM.gov portal can take substantial amount of time, so we recommend starting the process as early as possible.