Economic Data & Reports

The Country Commercial Guide (CCG) is your trusted source about how to do business in an international market. Authored by seasoned trade experts at U.S. embassies and consulates, these guides provide insight into economic conditions, leading sectors, selling techniques, customs, regulations, standards, business travel, and more.

7 Key Topics for Market Success

  • Doing Business in Georgia:  Get an overview on market opportunities and entry strategies, key economic indicators and trade statistics, and other reasons U.S. companies should consider exporting to Georgia.
  • Leading Sectors for Exports & Investments:  Learn about sector-based industry trends, industry market overviews, export-import trade data, and key trade events.
  • Customs, Regulations & Standards:  Check the latest on tariff and non-tariff barriers, export controls, import requirements and documentation, product standards, and trade agreements.
  • Selling U.S. Products & Services:  Gain insight into the best market entry strategies using agents/distributors, other sales channels, pricing and methods of payment, financing, joint/ventures/licensing, and selling to the government.
  • Business Travel:  Find information on visa, travel and vaccine requirements, and get insight into local business protocol such as dress, business cards and gifts.
  • Investment Climate Statement:  Learn more about Georgia’s investment climate.
  • Political and Economic Environment:  Get the current status of Georgia’s relations with the United States, the local laws, and tips on safety and security.