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CDA Elizabeth Rood visits distinguished Georgian artist Muraz Murvanidze (January 13)
January 13, 2020

A man guides a woman through an art exhibit

CDA Elizabeth Rood visits distinguished Georgian artist Muraz Murvanidze. Photo: State Dept.

CDA Elizabeth Rood visited acclaimed Georgian artist and stage designer Muraz Murvanidze at his home in old Tbilisi. Mr. Murvanidze shared with her some of the highlights from his extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and mementos from his celebrated work worldwide. Mr. Murvanidze has created sweeping and imaginative designs for the world’s premier artistic venues, from New York’s Metropolitan Opera to La Scala in Italy.  His work has been recognized in the U.S. by President Ronald Reagan and others, and who has collaborated with luminaries such as Salvador Dali, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Placido Domingo, Gregory Peck, and other leading lights in the world of theater, dance, film, and the visual arts. Mr. Murvanidze presented CDA Rood with an art book featuring some of his most distinguished works.