CDA Elizabeth Rood’s Remarks to Media At Georgian Defence and Security Conference (November 1)

CDA Elizabeth Rood’s Remarks to Media At Georgian Defence and Security Conference (November 1)

Q-n about the event

CDA, Elizabeth Rood: Georgia is a country that faces many challenges and conferences like this in which we have a dialogue about those challenges and how we cooperate to assist Georgia in meeting those challenges are very important.

Q-n about the recent news report as if Bolton warned Georgia 

CDA, Elizabeth Rood: Georgia and the United States have a very strong military and security cooperation, and we have complete confidence in Georgia’s ability to handle responsibly and control military technologies. The reports that you’ve mentioned are completely fake news, there is no truth to them at all.

CDA was interviewed again (upon MOD internal press request) at the conference where she specifically talked about the panel she participated.

Q-n about the panel discussion 

CDA Elizabeth Rood: I have just participated in a panel session called “Nations Under Pressure  – Countering the Threats,” and of course in that context Georgia is one of many countries that is under a considerable threat from external sources. So, we talked about the ways that we work together with Georgia and other countries to help counter these threats, we talked about the very strong and growing military security cooperation between Georgia and the United States and NATO, cooperation that strengthens Georgia and also makes it better prepared to conduct its own territorial defence. We also talked about how countries become more resilient by taking measures to strengthen themselves internally. So, in that regard, we talked about resilience, about information, about countering disinformation, about strengthening democratic structures and bringing the whole nation together in a concept of total defense to be able to counter all of the many challenges of the modern world. And all of these things are ways in which the United States is standing very strongly by Georgia and helping with our assistance.

Q-n about the conference in general

CDA Elizabeth Rood: I think this conference is a very wonderful opportunity that we have every year to show our support for Georgia, to discuss Georgia in the context of regional and global challenges, and for experts and members of governments from the region and around the world to contribute to a dialogue that helps advance Georgia on its EuroAtlantic path.