CDA Elizabeth Rood’s Remarks to Media at the 4th of July Celebration at IBSU (July 4)

CDA Elizabeth Rood’s Remarks to Media at the 4th of July Celebration at IBSU (July 4)

Q-n about today’s event

CDA Elizabeth Rood: I’m very happy to be celebrating America’s Independece day here, at the International Black Sea University along with our friends and partners.

Q-n about the importance of independence day and how Americans celebrate it

CDA Elizabeth Rood:  In the United States, we celebrate our independence day with picnics, barbeques, fireworks; Americans have the day off work, it’s an official national holiday and we spend the day together remembering our independence and the value of freedom.

Will the support from civil society and their active participation help Georgia enter NATO?

CDA Elizabeth Rood:  America’s support in terms of Georgia entering NATO is steadfast and we think that Georgia is ready to do so; we agree with civil society organizations that Georgia must become a member of NATO in which their support can be very helpful.